Behati Lover

Well, I guess Behati lover kinda sums it up, right? I'm 20 years old, I live in Rio and I'm completely in love with Behati Prinsloo! I love her fashion work, I love her style, I love who she is and I think that partying with her must be something out of this world! Although I love her fashion work, you'll notice that I post more about her personal life but that's just cause I love her so much! IF YOU DON'T LIKE BEHATI please don't come to me to say mean things about her, I really don't care and you're just going to have your ass kicked... Not that I don't love kicking hater's ass but it's really getting old! So if you love Behati just follow me, and if you ever need anything just ask and I'll be glad to help. AND PLEASE, DON'T COPY MY STUFF. I'LL HUNT YOUR ASS.
Asker maiimis Asks:
I love your blog! Behati is amazing
behatilover behatilover Said:

Thank you very much, sweetie!!!! Behati was made in heaven!!!!!! She’s the best!!!!!!!! 

Sempre amei se tumblr e só hoje vi que você é do Brasil! (Meu tumblr é o thesuperangels btw)
behatilover behatilover Said:

Awnnnnn!!! Sério?? Que linda!!! Depois vou visitar seu tumblr!!! Amo os brasileiros dominando tumblr!!! Cê é de onde? Eu sou do Rio!

OMG... I LOVE BEHATI TOO!!!! She is Absolutely beautiful, and stunning!! and i aso believe that she is a very unique- looking girl
behatilover behatilover Said:

Awnn!!!! Have you ever noticed her lioness’ eyes? Kinda feline! I LOVE IT!